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Non-Profit Organization

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Left Column Demo

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OneCause is a premium charity & non-profit template built on Joomla 3 CMS. This theme is great for any business, photography, portfolio or corporate company looking for a clean and minimal design. It includes over 15 pre-installed extensions in the quickstart package and boasts over 54 module positions. This three colum layout is built on bootstrap, responsive, and will dynamically scale many of the module positions equally depending on the number of modules published.

This template comes with a quickstart installation package for your convenience. It has been tested on all major browsers, includes all PSDs, files and a comprehensive help documentation. Demo images are not included in the purchase bundle and have been replaced with placeholder images. This template includes 12 color style options.


There are thousands of Joomla third-party extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). Extensions basically "extend" the functionality of the core Joomla framework and allow for easy customization and utilites on your website. If you would like more information on extensions or learn what's available, please visit the JED.

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Module Positions

This template has over 54 module positions available. Modules extend your template and make it easy for changing your design layout and visual hierarchy. Modules or widgets are the positions that you will use the above mentioned Joomla extensions. If you would like to see the module positions layout, please click the button below.

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We've installed several typography or shortcodes in addition to the standard Joomla installation. These codes include special inline styles, blockquotes, drop cap styles, paragraph styles, list styles, blocknumber, button styles, CSS event calendar icons, and so on. You can extend your typography with a little CSS knowledge but is not necessary.

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Color Styles

OneCause Theme for Joomla 3 comes with 12 pre-set color style variations. Changing your color style is simple with the Joomla template manager in the admin area. We've covered the basics of the color wheel, but editing your closest match is easy with a little CSS knowledge. Template colors include: Gold, Navy Blue, Blue, Purple, Dark Green, Green, Teal, Red, Orange, Peach, Pink, Maroon.

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Content Bottom Position

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